Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Pokerstars Money

First of all: Don't make mistakes when creating a Pokerstars account.

Pokerstars does not work with any affiliates poker sites. The only way to get free pokerstars money is when you crate a new pokerstars account and it will be in freerolls and free tickets. The total amount of free money that you will get will be around 40$.

This is how you do it, this is how you get free pokerstars money:


Download software for free!. Create a new user account with your real data. Don't worry there is no danger. All data are confidential.
Do not make a deposit. This is a no deposit free money deal.

From the poker room software pick PokerSchool. This is pokerstars private poker school. Pick a pasword and remember that the user will be tha same as the one you use to login to pokerstars.
Start leaning and take the test. These are the easiest test you will ever take. Simple questions!!!

The prizes will be as fallows:

Basic Course ------> Freeroll invitations. 1000$ Beginner's Tournament ticket

Core Course ------> 2 X 1,50$  + 1 ticket to Premier Skill League

SNG Course -------> 5 X 3,50$ for SNG tournaments

NLHE Course -------> 20$

If you want to make a deposit use the code STARS600. You will still recive the above pokerstars prizes.
Beside getting the free cash, best pokerstars no deposit bankroll, you will recive free pokerstars training. It is verry important to learn from the pokerstars poker school how to play on pokerstars.


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